More than a gym, right in your Beauty Center

We have introduced a body treatment that Beauty Center could only dream of until now, and we've set a trend. From today, for the first time, it's possible to work on the beauty of the entire body, starting from the muscles.

A harmonious, natural and exciting reshaping that your clients will no longer be able to do without.

Beauty Building

is here

We've taken the success of our body technology dedicated to muscle toning and made it even more incredible.

B-Strong Plus works on the muscle first of all, and at the same time acts in depth to reduce localized fat, all year round and without constantly returning to the beauty center.

You've never experienced anything like it.

Muscle training?

Welcome to the treatment room

Offering full body treatments in your Beauty Center is now even easier, thanks to a technology that combines two exclusive treatment methods together with 4 versatile and safe applicators.


Bodytoning Mode

The B-Strong Plus technology works directly by toning the muscles thanks to its powerful contact electrostimulation. The 4 applicators work deeply, directly interacting with the neuromuscular system without affecting the dermis.

The result? The client feels their muscle working just like at the gym, in complete comfort and without getting tired.


Bodyshaping Mode

The reshaping action of B-Strong Plus works upon contact via high-power infrared LEDs. The heat stimulates adipose cells and fibroblasts, increasing the temperature of the tissues (never excessively, thanks to an effective cooling system), thus reducing volumes and improving skin tone.

The result? A reshaped silhouette in just a few sessions, with pleasant and safe treatments.

Offer limitless Body treatments right away

With the 4 applicators, you can choose whether to tone and reshape simultaneously or activate a single mode based on the client's needs, for a completely tailor-made body treatment.

Working out has never felt so good.

Reshaping the volumes of the entire Body.

Improved tissue health.

Fat reduction.

For clients who want it all right away

No sweat, no exhaustion, no embarrassment.

Short treatments, perfect for lunch breaks.

Toned muscle that returns to its natural harmonious volume.

Visible results from the first session.


Details that make the difference


4 independently adjustable applicators, so you can treat multiple areas simultaneously.


Choose to activate a single operating mode or both, based on the client's goals.

Deep effect

850 nm wavelength.

Power that respects the rules

Double EMS + infrared LED technology compliant with regulations.

All you need is one treatment room

Thanks to its small dimensions (34x90x67 cm), it takes up little space and works without requiring the presence of an operator.

Never alone

Advanced training supported by our Beauty Trainers.


Beauty Routine

Following the results obtained from the treatments, there's still more. The Beauty Routine cosmetic line by Esthelogue multiplies the effects, amplifying the Remise en Forme process already set in motion at your Beauty Center through its active ingredients.

The elixir of long-lasting beauty


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