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Free training, forever.

Our training offerings are always free of charge: estheticians, aesthetic doctors, practitioners and entrepreneurs in the field can access our courses for free and for life. The same is true for the staff of the Aesthetic Centre or medical office: our training is open to all staff and collaborators who want to undergo training and gain new knowledge.

*For those who have purchased technology offered by Esthelogue

At Esthelogue, education is life.


In the first step, the beautician enters our reality: they are guided to discover our history, getting all the useful information about what we do. They take a tour of the beating heart of our production system, so they can get direct experience of the real strength of our Group.

The second step includes an in-depth theoretical study, during which all the technical aspects related to the use of the technologies in the aesthetic field are covered in detail.

The third and final step focuses on practical aspects and methodologies, with a focus on the applications and know-how that our Beauty Specialists share with the participants.


This involves undergoing a further training course in which the aesthetician has fully mastered the technology and wishes to improve their areas of competence, with specific skills for treatments. The first few months of the program form the basis for comparison: additional means of intervention, often more complex but highly effective, are addressed and explained. With a round-table approach, the aesthetician discusses the points on which they need support: the trainers gather the critical issues and feedback, turning them into training points and providing the practitioner with additional knowledge on specific cases in order to make their Beauty Centre more and more efficient with each training session.


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