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Mastering heat and turning it into a source of beauty and revival. This is the challenge that Esthelogue entrusted to the El.En. Group's Research and Development Center.

From numerous studies, ThermActive was developed, the most advanced technology for Face and Body treatments. A selective and targeted procedure, with a tailored action. So precise and surprising, it is just waiting to be put to the test, even on the smallest areas.

Welcome Bio-Active Shaping

We have taken heat action, tamed it, and combined it with muscle stimulation, in one single technology.

ThermActive revives the skin's natural regeneration mechanisms for an effective Bio-Active Shaping of the face and body.

Unprecedented deep results.

It's time for your Beauty Center to go beyond.

Rejuvenates. Regenerates. Reactivates.

The 3Rs of ThermActive action

Offering deep and targeted Face and Body treatments in your Beauty Center is simple, thanks to the extraordinary power of heat.

The control is in your hands.

You can calibrate the heat to eliminate impurities by regulating the secretion of the sebaceous glands, revive cellular regeneration mechanisms, as well as dissolve adipose tissue and work on the muscles.

Technology that goes straight to the point

Extraordinarily effective on the treatment of all imperfections, ThermActive is a versatile technology that allows for precise action on all areas of the face and body that require targeted treatments.



The micro biological current with micro-pulses creates a controlled thermal modulation on the skin, resulting in the selective removal of the epidermis layers with no pain and absolutely no invasiveness.


Multipolar Thermal System

The high-frequency electromagnetic waves of the Multipolar Thermal System deeply heat the cutaneous tissue protecting the epidermis and rejuvenate the structure of the dermis and hypodermis, fighting skin aging.



Electrostimulation causes a muscle contraction that pushes the adipose layer against the mechanical pressure exerted by the operator with the handpiece. This results in the reduction of adipose tissue and increased muscle toning.

Bio-Active Shaping's multi-level action

Offer the most direct and immediate solution to all imperfections

Thanks to the versatility of ThermActive, you can create customized treatments, coordinating and calibrating the different technologies in line with your clients' beauty objectives.

Remove impurities (exfoliation)

Regulate the secretion of the sebaceous gland

Drains and stimulates the release of fat from cells

Reshapes and reduces cellulite

Significantly reduces skin laxity and wrinkles

Promotes localized muscle toning


Volume definition and neoplasticity

Lifting of the cheekbones and redefinition of contours

Reduction of expression lines

Improvement of dilated pores

Targeted tissue toning

Exfoliation and regularisation of the sebaceous gland

Multi-level skin cleansing


Volume definition and neoplasticity

Exfoliation and regularisation of the sebaceous gland

Targeted tissue toning

Muscle workout

Multi-level skin cleansing

Therm Assistant

Perfect heat regulation

The innovative Therm Assistant enhances Esthelogue's technological innovation, offering you unprecedented safety and comfort of use.


To manage the optimal temperature in real time to obtain a specific result.


For the safe control of the heat supply.

How many clients wish to go back in time?

The pleasure of a caress.

The strength of a deep and long-lasting action.

ThermActive allows you to intervene in a targeted way on face and body imperfections, benefiting from a global and multilevel approach that goes straight to the root of the problem.

Immediately visible results.

The natural alternative to surgery, without the stress and risks.

Restores life and tone to the skin, with a guaranteed anti-aging effect.

Suitable for all skin types, with personalized treatments based on the quality and condition of the tissues.


Details that make the difference

The measures of success

weight 29 kg.

Power in numbers

1 Mhz frequency and the power of a single multipolar emitter

up to 25 W.

Never alone

An advanced training program supported by our Beauty Trainers.

The choice is yours

4 tips to treat every area of the face and body, from the smallest to the largest.

Stay in control

ThermAssistant controls the heat to work in the best way, completely risk free.


Beauty Routine

Following the results obtained from the treatments, there's still more. The Beauty Routine cosmetic line by Esthelogue multiplies the effects, amplifying the Remise en Forme process already set in motion at your Beauty Center through its active ingredients.

The elixir of long-lasting beauty

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