Your best partner for smart hair removal

SmartEpil3 is the reliable ally, designed, developed and manufactured by the high engineering ability of the italian El.En. Group, with more than 40 years experience in Laser Technologies.

SmartEpil3 is the brand new, game changer technology for effective, fast and virtually painless hair removal treatments. This powerful laser can penetrate hair follicles in an effective way, with high performance over the time.

Feel the efficacy and comfort

Thanks to the ergonomic handpiece whose weight is absorbed by the antenna and by the cable that comes down from above, the operator can perform many treatments throughout the day in complete comfort.

Powerful, advanced, iconic.

For all hair and skin types.

Smartepil3 is suitable to treat hair in all areas of the body and face, both the smallest and most delicate (lips, bikini area) as well as the largest (legs, back). It is also suitable for all skin types.

Fast, safe, painless.

Treatment time is reduced thanks to a maximized performance with an increased average power delivered to the tissue. The special cooling technology protects the skin for very safe and comfortable treatments with close to zero side effects.

Epilating has never been so good.

Absolute effectiveness on all skin and hair types
Acts with more depth
Treatments even in the summer
Protocol sessions every 2/3 months

Maximum effectiveness and reliability

Extremely fast treatments

Ergonomic handpiece

Work quickly and easily thanks to intuitive software

No consumables costs

...and you can't wait to start epilating your clients


Details that make the difference

to master
Preset programs and customizable combinations
Advanced power
Fast treatments thanks to an increased average power delivered to the
Zero side effects
The special integrated cooling technology protects the
Never alone
An advanced training program supported by our beauty trainers
User comfort
Handpiece weight absorbed by the antenna


Esthelogue SkinCare

In the world of Laser Hair Removal, there is no effectiveness without proper skin preparation. Our protocols include a dedicated product line that regenerates the skin and amplifies treatment results.

The perfect allies before, during and after treatments